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My mother cooks rice cultivated in Hoi An all year round. Once you eat this typical rice, you will notice its marvelous combination qualities like texture, fragrance and tasty. Apart white rice, she also cooks brown rice. Brown rice in Vietnam has a little bit red color, so we call it Huyet Rong (Huyet: blood and Rong: dragon - blood of the dragon).

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My mother has known the wonderful value of brown rice for long, as she usually cooks this kind of rice for the whole family. We all enjoy such meals very much.

My mother also makes brown rice drink every day, or mixing it with green tea. We all know that brown rice drink is a precious natural food nutrition, ongoing drinking this kind of drink will keep you healthy.

With rice, a broth is a very important dish in each meal, of which all ingredients are from Hoi An.

If you've ever tried an authentic broth made from fresh river fish and green vegetable from famous Tra Que vegetable garden, we bet that you never forget such an interesting experience.

Tra Que is a charming village on the edge of Hoi An. This village is famous for a sweet-scented vegetable that spices up the daily meals of Hoi An people. The particular village's soil which is enriched by alluvium from the local De Vong river combination with the traditional farming techniques gives all vegetable its special fragrance.

The vegetable is in every meal my mother cooks. Sometimes our relatives bring us a kind of cabbage or malabar, so our meal is full of green vegetables.

My father spent most of childhood in a fishing village. He used to be the most skillful fisherman among the youth during that time. He sometimes goes fishing in De Vong river when he recalls the old days. My mother also has some friends and relatives who usually bring us fresh sea fish.

We like to eat the broth from fresh crucian carp with a kind of coriander best. This delicious taste comes with you wherever you go.

It is worthy to wait for my mother to wrap the mackerel in banana leaf and grill them with burning coal, it is fantastic.


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