Delectable white rice, sticky and fragrant is a local delicacy. As a healthy alternative, try our local brown rice, cooked by our mother. All our family enjoys home cooking which is both tasty and great for your health. The healthy juice from brown rice, with or without green tea, makes a delicious and refreshing beverage.


An unmistakable local Hoi An speciality is broth, cooked with local ingredients. You’d be made to miss a chance to enjoy fresh fish from the Thanh Ha river together with vegetables from the nearby Tra Que * market gardens. Vegetables form an essential part of every meal. Each morning we make a simple and healthy dish from sweet cabbage and malabar which we enjoy for breakfast.

Our father, who spent most of his childhood in the fishing village became one of the most skilled fishermen of his day. He continues to relive the old times by fishing in the local De Vong river. We enjoy fresh fish daily from our mother’s friends living at Cua Dai beach or from our father. To make the most of our varied catch, such as crucian carp, we add hot mint (Vietnamese coriander) which makes a mouth-watering broth and with tuna we prefer to wrap it in banana leaves and grill on an open topped stove.

Tra Que is a charming village on the outskirts of Hoi An, famous for its sweet scented and green vegetable fields whose herbs promise to spice up any Hoi An meal thanks to the traditional farming techniques and the village’s rich soil, fertilised by the De Vong river.

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My mother cooks rice cultivated in Hoi An all year round. Once you eat this typical rice, you will ntice its marvelous combination qualitied like texture, fragrance and tasty.

Apart white rice, she also cooks brown rice. Brown rice in Vietnam has a little bit red, so we call it Huyet Rong (Huyet means blood, Rong means dragon, the blood of dragon). My mother has know the wonderful value of brown rice for long, as she usually cooks this kind of rice for the whole family. We enjoy such meals very much...

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